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Portraits dansés

A series of short films about the uniqueness of each dancer.

Like the painters who draw inspiration from their muse, choreographer Audrey Gaussiran choreographs on her performers to create intimate video dance works. It focuses on the passions of the dancers, their experience and their personality, which influence the choreography, the musical choice, the cinematographic focus as well as the environment in which the performance is filmed.

Development of the Work


In 2015, Audrey Gaussiran began creating solos, filming them, and editing her own videos-danse. This first phase of self-taught work allows her to discover her own cinematographic aesthetic. She produced four Portraits dansés, those of Zahra Shahab, Marc Borges, Diane Evenou and Chantal Thine.


After receiving a grant from the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec (CALQ) in collaboration with the Ville de Laval, Audrey Gaussiran created three new Portraits dansés in 2017. The choreographer is exploring the artistic identity of Laval at this time, and allies valuable collaborators. Benoit Jones-Vallée is in charge of photography and editing, while Alex Cattaneo composes the musical soundtracks. Filmed in significant places in the city, three Laval dancers are revealed: Anne-Rose Cupidon, Mireille Gariépy and Jean-Benoit Labrecque.


Selected by the Centrale des Artistes in the Made in Laval collection in 2018, intended for Laval's librairies, this series of Portraits dansés also received a nomination for CALQ's Work of the Year in 2019.


Series 1 (Four self-produced videos-danse - 16 min)

Choreographer / Artistic director / Photo director / Editor : Audrey Gaussiran

Dancers : Marc Borges, Diane Evenou, Zahra Shahab and Chantal Thine

Music : Ludovico Einaudi, Erici, Radiohead / Shed, Amon Tobin


Series 2 (Three videos-danse supported by CALQ and Ville de Laval - 11 min)

Choreographer / Artistic Director : Audrey Gaussiran

Dancers : Anne-Rose Cupidon, Mireille Gariépy and Jean-Benoit Labrecque

Director of photography / Editor : Benoit Jones-Vallée

Music : Alex Cattaneo

The creation of this Work was made possible thanks to the financial support of our generous partners.

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