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CtrlN - Audrey Gaussiran @davidwong (1).

Crédit photo: David Wong


Ctrl:N immerses the audience in an interactive co-creation with dancer and choreographer Audrey Gaussiran. Accompanied by a musician and a digital artist, she engages in a dialogue with the spectators who, armed with their phones, are invited to share their original ideas by sending text messages directly projected on a screen. They thus influence the scenic space, movements or themes of creation, passing from the status of observer to the one of co-creator. The audience becomes involved in an artistic creation whose aim is to democratize dance and raise current questions, reflections on the relevance of anonymous correspondence in the media and the overabundance of information in the digital age. Between improvisation, performance art, dance and cultural mediation, Ctrl:N exposes the artists and the audience to a unique experience with each performance.

What happens to the creation when it is imagined or influenced by the viewer? Its traditional role of observer is reversed, decompartmentalised. The intention is to allow everyone to take part in a choreographic process, in a desire for the democratization of contemporary dance. In addition, the anonymity offered by digital conversation fosters active and unobtrusive audience participation. What should we articulate through art and movement? What is the purpose of art? Entertainment, an emotional outlet, a reflection of society, a way to change humanity? How to draw inspiration from current events to dance socio-political reflections? The public is challenged to find ways to translate their ideas into movements. The shared creative process makes each performance an instinctive and renewed experience. This constant evolution of Ctrl:N feeds the artists on stage and motivates them to take risks : improvisation at the heart of the performance, immediate use of themes suggested by the audience, extremely quick choice among the proposals, etc.

The digital conversation that takes place in Ctrl:N presents many challenges that reflect our current communications. Are we responsible for what we say when we text anonymously? Are we contributing meaningfully or is it just trivial gossip? How do we deal with the tsunami of information we receive? We ignore, we are influenced unconsciously? How do we filter information? In subtext, Ctrl:N brings a reflection on our correspondence in the digital era : overabundance of information, quality of anonymous comments, instrumentalization of individuals by technology, freedom of expression, the body vs. digital.

Credits / Technical Rider:

Year of creation: 2019

Target audience: Teens, Adults

Duration: 25 min.

On the scene :

Audrey Gaussiran (dancer)

Joannie Labelle (DJ and percussionist)

Francis Lecavalier (digital artist)

Production team :

Audrey Gaussiran (choreographer)

Joannie Labelle (composer)

Francis Lecavalier (digital artist)

Marianne Labonté (costume)

Lelia Spheir (consultant - cultural mediation)

Julien Blais (consultant - dramaturgy)

Technical needs:

  • LED screen or projector, provided by the broadcaster or the artist

  • 1 technician 

  • sound system

  • minimum space of 5m wide x 5m deep x 3m high, all flat surfaces.

Liste de représentations:

6 mars 2021 - Petit Théâtre du Vieux Noranda (Rouyn Noranda)

4 mars 2021 - Centre d'exposition de VOART ( Val d'Or)

17 octobre 2020 - In situ par Diffusion Hector-Charland (L’Assomption)*

3 octobre 2020 - In situ par Diffusion Hector-Charland (Repentigny)*    

11 mai 2020 - In situ par Diffusion Hector-Charland / Cégep de Lanaudière (L'Assomption)*


9 sept. 2019 - Festival Quartiers Danses / Place des Festivals & Jardins Gamelin (Montréal)

1er aout 2019 - Festival Gens de Parole / Centre d’art de Ste-Rose (Laval)

21 juillet 2019 - Pianos publiques / Dehors cet été/ Centre de la nature (Laval)

*Annulé en raison de la COVID

The creation of this performance was made possible thanks to the financial support of our generous partners.

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