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The violence of the Bataclan attacks in Paris in 2015 triggered in Audrey Gaussiran an urgent need to create. The barbarism which then affected the artistic scene gave rise to reflection on war and terrorism. This was the beginning of the Corrida.


Inspired by the Spanish traditions of flamenco and bullfighting, the choreographer and dancer draws a parallel between this tragic sport and war. What side to take? The great looking toreador embodying the world leader, or the rebellious bull with brute force and survival instinct? And what about the collateral victims?

In a mosaic of flamenco, contemporary, African and oriental dance, this solo explores violence, the beast in ourself, the intoxication of power, but also humanity in the darkest moments. On stage, the dancer passes from one character to another, becoming toreador, bull, and also woman, victim, on the edges of conflicts.


The narrative framework is supported by a scenographic element heavy with meaning: water. Source of life and death, it quenches the thirst of the bull, washes the woman's body, or becomes the blood in which the victims bathe. Anticipate, plot, persuade, fight, kill, die and rise from the ashes to start history again.


In a metaphorical war, the toreador and the bull fight to the death, leaving wounded souls behind. A choreographic echo of conflicts outside the arena.


Chorégraphe / interprète : Audrey Gaussiran

Oeils extérieurs : Inka Strobl (chorégraphie), Menka Nagrani (dramaturgie)

Costume : Rebecca Rowe

Éclairages : Rachel Réard

Conception sonore : Joannie Labelle

avec les musiques d’Alex Cattaneo, Jorge Miguel et Daniel Stone, Two Fingers, Chano Dominguez,

Brian Setzer, Ibeyi.

The creation of this performance was made possible thanks to the financial support of our generous partners.

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