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Fisheye is an interactive digital work created by the collective Ctrl+Alt+Del, composed of choreographer-dancer Audrey Gaussiran, digital artist Francis Lecavalier and composer-percussionist Joannie Labelle.


Fisheye is a live internet performance in which dance, music and visual processing are influenced by the live responses of the virtual audience. In the form of a chat, the audience answers questions asked directly on the video, expressing their impressions, feelings, realities and thoughts.


First hosted on Facebook as the result of a 72-hour creative sprint organized by the Festival de Troi(e)s (May 2020), Fisheye was greatly appreciated and won the Audience Award.


Available in French, English and bilingual.

Context and explanation of the Work

Fisheye is a hybrid online and live performance, including dance, hybrid electronic-acoustic music, and VJ-programmer.


This work is the result of a 72-hour creative sprint organized by the Festival de Troi(e)s from April 29th to May 2nd, 2020. As part of this sprint, three different teams had to create, rehearse and perform a whole new audiovisual work using videoconferencing tools and live interaction with the audience. The results were presented on a Facebook Live feed hosted by the festival. Due to the SARS-CoV-19 health crisis and the resulting global isolation, Fisheye was built, rehearsed, broadcasted and performed entirely online, from Canada and Germany.


It should be noted that an important part of Fisheye is the integrated interactivity. During the performance, questions related to the themes of isolation, surveillance, dreams and envisions are asked to the audience through text directly shown over the video. The public is invited to write their answers in the comments section of the live stream. These feedbacks are projected and closely monitored by the three artists; they adapt and personalize every aspect of the performance (choreography, music and visuals) based on audience responses. This creative choice is directly in line with the trio's previous experimentation called Ctrl:N.


Each Fisheye performance is unique, as it is always shaped in a different way under the influence of the audience and their impressions.

Credits / Technical information:

Year of creation: 2020

Target audience: Teens, Adults

Duration: 30 min.

On screen:

Audrey Gaussiran (dancer)

Joannie Labelle (DJ and percussionist)

Francis Lecavalier (digital artist)

Production team:

Audrey Gaussiran (choreographer)

Joannie Labelle (composer)

Francis Lecavalier (digital artist)

Technical needs:


  • Live webcasting platform, from which it is possible to see live comments from the audience (YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, etc.).

The creation of this Work was made possible thanks to the support of these generous partners.

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