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In a sort of ritual, the bullfighter prepares to enter the arena. Visualisation, concentration, precision are part of his cruel artistry. After all, he prepares for a barbarian act. The innocent beast will most likely be slaughtered. 

Beauty and virtuosity are tinged with concerns about the brutality that is brewing under noble appearances. 


Following the presentation of Corrida at the Festival Quartiers Danses (Montreal) in 2019, Audrey Gaussiran collaborates with director Marc Borges to create a cinematographic adaptation of this intense choreography. In Bestia, the mental and physical preparation of the toreador are the focal point. This very intimate moment of great intensity is echoed by the proximity of the camera, showing closely the concentration accompanied by the underlying tension of this killer visualizing the fight to come. This short film pervades an aesthetic of darkness, a mirror to the cruelty of bullfighting.

Bestia Poster.JPG


Année de création : 2020

Public cible : Ados, Adultes

Durée : 2:08 mn.



Danseuse: Audrey Gaussiran

Concepteurs :

Chorégraphe: Audrey Gaussiran

Direction photo et montage: Marc Borges 

Prise de son: Ilias Benzeguir

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